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World Class Racing Engines

Quality Racing Engine Machine ServicesHigh Performance Racing Engines and Racing Engine Machine Services for competition class racing, drag racing, street and strip, Import or Domestic built to perform and last.

Complete Racing Engine Machine Shop Services

Complete Racing Engine Machine Shop Services

Quality Racing Engine Machine ServicesScotty's Racing Engines in-house machine shop services will give you the most horsepower you can get. All Racing Engine Services are quality controlled and proven to perform above your highest expectations.

Custom Built Racing Engines

Custom Built Racing Engines

Quality Racing Engine Machine ServicesTop to Bottom, Scotty's Racing Engines will outperform the competition, with years of precision race engine building proven by the winning design and programs they are founded on. From Pro Modified to Street our Racing Engines "Put The Power Out".

High Performance Cylinder Heads And Valvetrains

High Performance Racing Head Services

Quality Racing Engine Machine ServicesRacing Cyclinder Heads for the highest performance possible out of all applications, nitrous, supercharged and turbocharged. Scotty's Racing Engines cylinder heads and performance valvetrains give the ultimate results in all classes of racing or street and strip. Specializing in High Performance Cylinder Head Repairs.

Custom EFI Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning Services

Custom EFI "Electronic Fuel Injection" Tuning Services

Custom EFI Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning ServicesScotty's Racing Engines is known worldwide for the ultimate in high performance EFI "Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning" Services. Decades of tuning for nitrous and any performance application Fuel Injection has been Scotty's personal highlight. He builds the engine and tunes it with the quality results you expect from a champion racer himself.

Scotty's Racing Engine Drag Racing Customers

Scotty's Racing Engines Drag Racing Customers

Scotty's Racing Engines Drag Racing NewsScotty's Racing Engines Shop Car and Customers News are highlighted with outstanding results, from Outlaw Drag Racing To Street And Strip, Our Drag Racing news section is here to promote our's and our customers achievements.

Welcome To Scotty's Competition Drag Racing Engines

Scott Guadagno Scotty's Racing Engines OwnerLocated in Spring Hill, Florida, Scotty's Racing Engines has been involved in building some of the most powerful racing engines with high profile event wins, national records and season championships in nearly every form of drag racing. If you want power, Scotty's Racing Engines can deliver the horespower and reliability you need, whether it's naturally aspirated, nitrous, blown or turbocharged. Our performance engine building takes your program to the highest level possible from bare block to finished Racing Engine we deliver the "Dyno Tested" needed power.

Specializing in Custom Race Engine Machine Services for Outlaw Drag Racing, we also give you the patented performance gained with our knowledge down to all types of Custom Built Racing or Street / Strip High Performance Racing Engines. Needless to say we also specialize in "Electronic Fuel Injection" EFI Tuning, Nitrous Tuning and all forms of power adder tuning. You will get ULTIMATE RESULTS with our High Performance Drag Racing Engines and Customer Support on and off track.
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Our Competition Drag Racing Engines Deliver Outstanding Results:

It doesn't matter wich type of racing engine you need, we have the resources and the data to serve up one beast of an engine, for all types of racing including High Performance, Street, Strip, Circle Track, Oval, Dirt, Trucks, Offshore Boating and more... Reliability is our main ingredient keeping you as a customer happy and us staying on top of the competition. See what Scotty's Racing Engines can do for your "Horsepower Needs" Today !!

Racing Engine Machine Shop Services

Racing Engine Machine Shop Services

Start your Racing Engine Build with our complete Racing Engine Machine Shop Services, Block decking, Boring, Precision honing, and more.. See All Our Racing Engine Machine Shop Services Here

Custom Racing Engine Builds

Custom Racing Engine Builds

Complete Custom Racing Engines built to the highest quality standards for the ultimate horsepower per cubic inch, designed for the person who wants the most power. See All Our Custom Built Racing Engines Here

Dyno Tested Racing Engines

Dyno Tested Racing Engines

Our finished Racing Engines perform before you receive it with real world dyno tested numbers. Gain The Advantage of matching your combination to your complete race car. See Our Dyno Testing Results Here

Racing Engine Machine Shop Services

  • Import or Domestic
  • Engine block lightening
  • Aluminum engine block repair
  • Cylinder Boring - Correcting
  • Blocks decked, Block truing
  • Clearance Block for rods
  • Engine Block Sleeves Installed
  • Lifter bore repair, bushing installation
  • Roller cam bearing installation
  • Align honing, Align boring
  • Billet main cap installation
  • Torque plates used for performance boring and honing
  • Complete Engine balancing

Racing Cylinder Head Services

  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Cylinder Head Inspection
  • Cylinder Head Selection
  • Magnaflux heads
  • Valve seat machining
  • Resurface valves
  • Back cut valves
  • Mill / Angle Mill heads
  • Machine guides for seals
  • Machine spring pockets for larger springs
  • CC heads
  • Machine and install new valve seats
  • Install bronze liners in guides

Complete Racing Engine Services

  • Domestic Racing Engines
  • Import / Sport Compact Racing Engines
  • Complete Dyno Services
  • EFI "Electronic Fuel Injection" Tuning
  • Fuel injection programming
  • Nitrous systems, installation
  • Custom nitrous work and plumbing
  • Blower set-up, installation
  • Turbo set-up, installation
  • Chassis setup
  • Custom carburation
  • Custom fabrication
  • On Track Tuning Services

See Our Performance Racing Engines Customers:

We proudly showcase our Performance Racing Engines Customers:
See All Our Customer / Customers "HERE"

Racing Engine Classes We Build For:

  • Pro Modified - Pro Mod
  • Big Tire Outlaw
  • Heavy Street
  • Top Sportsman
  • Small Tire
  • Outlaw 10.5 W, XTF
  • Drag Radial
  • X275 Drag Radial
  • Limited Street
  • True 10.5
  • Index Drag Racing
  • Grudge Racing
  • Sport Compact Drag Racing
  • Competition Drag Racing
  • Street and Strip
  • Street Rod, Street Machines, Hot Rods
  • Dirt Track, Oval Track

Engine Makes And Models

  • Chevy Racing Engines
  • Big Block And Small Block
  • Ford Racing Engines
  • Big Block And Small Block
  • Buick, Olds, Pontiac Engines
  • Mopar, Dodge, Chrysler Big And Small Block, HEMI Specialists
  • Late Model Engine, SRT8, LSX, LT1 Upgrades
  • Recondition, Modify or Restore Engines

  • Other Types Of Racing Engines
  • Reliable Off Shore Performance Engines
  • Truck Pulling, High Performance 4X4 Engines

Contact Scotty's Racing Engines

18825 Old Shady Hills Rd.
Spring Hill, Florida 34610

PHONE: 727-857-0001

HOURS: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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